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Saman Naz MSPH

Saman Naz, MSPH


Doctoral Candidate: Department of Health Policy and Administration, Pennsylvania State University

I am a dual degree Demography and Health Policy PhD candidate at Penn State University. I have worked in the social development sector in Pakistan for over nine years, where I played a leading role in premier research and advocacy organizations. My current research is focused around themes within the broader area of global population health. I am particularly interested in understanding the impact of fertility levels on child health outcomes in low and middle income countries.



Studying reasons and consequences of high consanguinity rates in Pakistan


Gender differences in parental investment for adolescents


Studying the impact of contraception on birth spacing in low and middle income countries


Association between religion and fertility in South Asia


Studying the factors that impact early childhood malnutrition and how malnutrition effects children’s anthropometric and cognitive outcomes