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Joon Hwang

PhD Student, Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University

I am an economic anthropologist and human behavioral ecologist whose research interests include social and economic inequality, market integration, cooperation, and social network analysis. I am currently working on my PhD in Anthropology at Penn State. My dissertation project studies how the process of incorporation into market exchange system impacts inequality, cooperation, and social networks among individuals and households in rural communities of Bangladesh, using social network analysis.

Current Work

  1. Understanding how various social, economic, and demographic attributes of households differentially impact the probabilities of providing and receiving supports in multiple social domains of exchange (cash, household items, childcare).
  2. Understanding the process of market integration, by measuring diverse household attributes (proximity to market, participation in the market economy, reliance on market commodities) related to the market economy and investigating how these traits are more or less correlated among households.