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Lisa S. McAllister, Ph.D.


Lisa S. McAllister, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar: Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University
Lecturer: University of California, Santa Barbara

I am a broadly trained anthropologist with research and teaching interests that incorporate cultural, ecological, and evolutionary perspectives. My research interests are in human growth and development, reproductive decision making, fertility and health disparities. I have conducted field research in Bolivia exploring how socioeconomic change influences reproductive preferences and outcomes, the effects of adolescent reproduction on maternal and child growth and development, and the effects of mortality exposure on reproductive timing and effort.

Current Work

  1. Understanding the psychological mechanisms that influence human reproductive timing and effort.
  2. Understanding the effects of education on reproductive preferences and outcomes when socioeconomic mobility and women’s reproductive autonomy are limited.
  3. Understanding the effects of teenage pregnancy on the mother’s and first-born child’s cognitive and somatic development, and the effects on subsequent births.